What if I have special preferences? 
We provide all cleaning products, However, if you have something special you would prefer that we use, let us know and we will make a note in your program profile for our associates to ask for your special products when they arrive to clean. 

How do I pay for my cleaning? 

The preferred method is by check. By paying with a check we do not incur any additional fees and are able to keep our prices low.   For a small fee of 5% you can pay by credit card.  We accept Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and Visa 

How do I know the job will be done right?

Gimme A Break House Cleaning Service personnel are dependable, professional, trained, and ready to tackle your cleaning needs. When we speak with you about your home, our supervisor notes all of your needs on your profile form. This is given to the cleaning team prior to each cleaning. We also make spot checks on each team in the field.

Do I have to be home when Gimme A Break arrives?
We have numerous clients who provide us keys. These keys are stored and coded separatley from all other client files and information to maintain a high level of security. 

Does the same team come every time?
Gimme A Break House Cleaning Service will assign a principal team to each home or office we clean. We periodically rotate team members to ensure quality cleaning and cross checks. We will always provide at least one of the principal team members in this rotation because it is important to maintain the familiarity of your home and unique requirements within the teams.

Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning? 
Yes, please. In order to provide quality cleaning, please pick up any clutter laying around and put other personal items away that might interfere with the housecleaning team. Please secure your Pets and pick up after them, before we arrive.  

Texas state and local sales and use tax is included in the sales price

Call: 210-481-0822
Email: customerservice@gabcleaning.com